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The Art of Coffee

A coffee school, licensed by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), we are dedicated to the growth of knowledge, skill and community for all people with a love for coffee. We offer for individuals and businesses, accredited and non-accredited courses in barista skills, brewing, latte art, machine maintenance and more!

What is this all about though? Our owner, Phillip Dawson, born and raised in the Greater London area, has had his hands wrapped around a cup of coffee since the age of 16! His small beginnings in the commercial coffee industry sparked an interest in understanding everything about the product. As a result, he became increasingly drawn towards speciality coffee; the tastes were rich, varied and always mind-blowing. This exclusive experience had to be shared more widely! That was when Phil set his heart on introducing the secrets behind brewing and serving speciailty coffees to a much broader clientele.
The Art of Coffee was birthed from a desire to invite people to discover the exclusive complexities coffee has to offer, but with an inclusive approach. This means we leave the attitude at the door, so we can instil passion to our wonderful learners.

Now with multiple locations, in Hertfordshire and Central London, The Art of Coffee has attracted some of the industry's top professional's, and there is no plan to stop.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch. We have some amazing offers which are exclusive to Coffee Shop Innovation, so don't miss out!

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