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Onify is a digital loyalty app for retail businesses. We are replacing the easily-lost, half-stamped tatty cards with something that is always with the customer wherever they go. The customers will have access to exclusive special offers, determined by their local businesses that are always current and up-to-date. The app is free for customers to download and we offer a free plan for independent establishments.

Our platform needs no in-store technology as `stamps` are collected using a code that the customer scans from their own smartphone. Offers can be easily earned and redeemed from the app and will disappear once used. Owners can view full details of all offers redeemed, affording them an instant snapshot of the kind of deals that really work for their business. The scheme gives the client a powerful insight into the habits of their customers. We also provide bespoke marketing solutions can be downloaded to print in-house or can be ordered directly from us. As well as `stamp` collection, Onify enables tiered rewards and expiry options which can be designed around customer and business needs.

From a business perspective, Onify is an insightful marketing platform positioned to allow smaller companies access to the tools which allow for intelligent growth. It facilitates the forging of personal, valuable relationships with customers in simple fashion. The automated personalisation tools commonly used by the big businesses have been redesigned for the express use of high street, independent companies. Our `set and forget` approach to marketing means customers can be contacted effortlessly in an easy and unobtrusive way. Customers can be sent reminders about expiring offers or contacted about new ones. With Onify, business owners can see how many times a customer actually visits and even whether a customer has stopped coming altogether.

Because there are no commission-based transactions, ONIFY can be confidently promoted to all of the businesses existing customers.

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