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Disposable teapot patented, this is in less word what mean the tea cup FAST TEA.
Our project has an international patent whose purpose is to equate the benefits acquired by coffee in terms of `take away` consumption and adapt it to the world of infusions.
The conventional infusion involves the removal of the infusion bag and its deposit in a place until the drink is cooled to taste, this simple fact supposes that the client becomes a captive of the establishment since it is not usual for it to leave it until finish your drinking. Whit the patented FAST TEA cup, the customer can leave the establisment if he/she wishes, as he carries the bag and can adjust the infusion to his liking.

We pack mainly in three formats, tea cup FAST TEA, pyramidal bags and bulk bags and all our teas are quality gourmet.

Main benefits of the FAST TEA cup:

• High quality of the ingredients used. Herbs and/or leaf tea, we select the best ingredients giving priority to quality first.
• Consumption of 33 cl, greater volume than the usual 20 cl.
• Pyramidal bag with greater capacity to allow the leaves to expand during infusion.
• Reduced counter space for a catalogue of 12 varieties of infusions.
• You can customizer your cup, depending on the units purchased.
• Speed in service.
• Maximum hygiene since it doesn`t require manipulation of the product.
• As it is a take away product, it is no necessary to have some tables.
• The labour for removing the cups is eliminated since the client takes the cup with him.
• Cleaning of teapots, cups and teaspoons is not required.
• The customer adjusts the intensity of the infusion to his/her taste.

Recommended places:

• Service stations.
• Hospitals.
• Establishments in tourist areas especially in areas of passage with few o no tables.
• Concessions in bus stations, train, metro, ferries, airports......
• Restaurants, mainly in financial centers.
• Shopping centers, stands.
• Vending machine.
• Cinemas.
• Food trucks.
• Street vending (does not require product handling).
• Catering for conventions, events and exhibitions.

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