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Faber Italia Srl

If you are looking for a touchstone in the very crowded branch of portioned Coffee Machines industry, you can find it in Faber Italia.

Faber was born from the passion for coffee and design.

In 2001 we produced our first prototype, the `Roxy`. Aimed at the home/office coffee pod machine rental market. In time, after gathering trust from the market, we increased our production exponentially, whilst still maintaining our artisan soul.
In 15 years of activity, our company has covered mostly the national territory, confirming ouselves as one of the leaders in the coffee pod machine industry. Today, we head towards developing into the international market. Every machine encapsulates the years of experience and love that our specialized technicians hold.
Carefully selecting materials and conducting numerous tests to ensure the finest results, Faber machines today represent our crown jewels, the pinnacle of our achievement, bringing our quality and reliability to every home and offices.

The company distinguishes itself from others thanks to the dynamism, originality and high quality performances; those characteristics allowed to fulfill any client`s specific needs or requests, regarding customization of patterns, mechanics, adjustments of supply.

The essence of our lives, at home, in the office or on the go, coffee brings us energy, flavour and focus. Although a good bean is an essential start, much of the end result depends on the coffee machine.

We are enthusiastic to be producing the best quality machines for a genuine espresso experience, highly curated design and quality manufacturing, customizable and proudly... MADE IN ITALY.

The waking moment of the introduction of the Barista and Mini slot line has come!
Stay tuned!

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